Oct 20, 2016

The one question I will ask my future man

If someday I will walk down the aisle and wed myself to the one I want, I am going to ask him this question.

Oct 3, 2016

The day I bid an emotional goodbye to Nike.

Is when I met Asics DynaFlyte.

I tried Asics on my fun 5K run in Bali Triathlon. Then, I took them for my Half Marathon run in Maybank Bali Marathon.
You've guessed it right that it was also the pair that supported me to conquer my 25 Half Ultra. In which I came is as 8th in Female categories!
Its FlyteFoam really supports my ankles and reduce shocks to your legs. And tho I still have to deal with my shin splints every now and then, it was no longer as bad as it used to be.

What are your runners?

ps: Yes, you can buy them too. Stealth marketing is one of my thing. 

Sep 25, 2016

Samosir Lake Toba Ultra (Half) Marathon

But no, there's nothing half about 25K! Especially with the elevation and the rocky road from KM12 to KM19!
When I realized my pace has dropped (free-falling from my Bali Marathon 6'29) to 7'30, I decided to just "Dance my way through it."
No point of dreading it. The elevations kill and I should not be too hard on myself. So dance, I did.
To my surprise, the official time result showed me that even though it was not my PB record, I came in 8th for Female category and 48th in general!

I thank my good Lord for this blessing. A year ago, I could not even imagine running a 10K.
There are so many stories for this trip alone but for now, I can only show you some images. The rest will follow.

Dance my way through it!

For my Dad who did not get to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary (in  Sept)


Sep 8, 2016

Things been a little bit overwhelming for me the past month, so I thought I would share some "feel-good" pictures here on this post.

Thankful for my health and the people around me.

 For my first movie that won an award. Thank you God!

Additional family member! #adoptdonotshop

Still hunting for the perfect painting but I am happy with what I have now.

My first of many to come Half Marathons.

Aug 29, 2016

Maybank Bali Marathon 2016

I actually missed the registration for Maybank Bali Marathon. But luckily, a cancellation from a friend allows me to get the Half Marathon slot, just one week before race day!
I was not so sure at first but managed to convince myself with "You have been training anyway, so why not?"
And my partner assured me that "This is a good preparation before your 25K."

These pictures will tell you how it went. I cannot thank the universe enough for this first Half Marathon race, especially with that result!
Watch this space as I will share you some First Half Marathon tips (from a rookie!).

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